NSM's vision has been unstirred and unshaken by many gushes of winds that repelled its way.the"NSM" Vision clearly states, to develop outstanding business professional who make valuable contribution to the corporate world and to society to suit their ever changing needs as goes the quote from norberto wiener "To Live effectively is to live with adequate information".


OUR mission is to impart vibrant innovation and global education and to the most preferred interest of student, faculty and industry and to make "NSM" the world leader in terms of excellence in education by reaching top 10 in every sphere of education

we help our student for their career and life and connect them in multidimensional personalized ways to the resource people organization and opportunities that will enable them to make that in to reality

with economic liberalizaion and rapid devvelopment in telecommunication the world has shrunk,moreever higher education is no longer domain of the government institutions. Many private colleges has strong presence in their respective areas."NSM" has get done market research to find out exact area of confussion to optimum rectification on the basis of market research."NSM" came to know about confusion level of the upcoming students .Students are dependent on the internet,relatives and friends advice.Now NSM has designed scientific counseling schedule to enrich their skills to make smooth career path by testing their interest personality and aptitude.